Sunday, 29 January 2012

torrent high speed downloading for free@15mbps download rate wirh cheat engine

hello guys today i gonna show how to speed up utorrent extremely
follow this simple steps to download the torrent at high speed the cheat engine from here
2.install the cheat engine utorrent/bittorrent add any torrent
4. after the torrent starts download right click on the torrent file and go to>properties and paste these pears

5.your torrent speed increases but don't mind it run the cheat engine on the found option
8.and select utorrent click on the speed hack option and put into 0.1
10.your torrent speed very high
11.your download speed depends upon the normal connection rate connection is beam 1mbps plan and the download rate is 100kbps in utorretn but cheat engine give me 5mpbs download rate show download rate as 15mpbs but acutully you gets 5mbps download rate

thank you
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sandeep s anand said...


The Undertaker said...

it did not just worked is full of slash ass, lies, & all the crap ass stucky never worked, never working nor will ever work....& ur blog is totally bad ass

Shubha Biswas said...

It's Fully Working...
Very Good ...

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