Monday, 30 January 2012

airtel 3g working with sheild vpn

Out of which in 1st the inventor of the trick forgot to add the udp Globe file. But after seeing many of the comments i decided to add the UDP file. But i found that the RaptorVPN trick has stopped working. So, it’s of no use to add the UDP globe file.
Inspite I have got a new Vpn trick working at high speed using ShieldVPN. These time there will be going no file missing problem and downloading.

How to get free Gprs and 3G browsing and downloading in your Computer.

  1. Download ShieldVpn custom made by

  2. Install ShieldVPN

  3. It will automatically be minimised on the system tray and then double click on the icon of ShieldVPN to open it.

  4. then made following changes to the settings of ShieldVPN configurations

Change server from HOTSPOT SHIELD to Expat Shield
protocol from TCP to UDP and port to 1194
Then click on MISC
Then goto options
change Local Port to 53
That’s it now connect it with Airtel internet  or as do you in nokia pc suite or using any netsetter or using Android Tethering options to your computer

For reference See the below ScreenShot

trickjet airtel free 3g trick using shield vpn3trickjet airtel free 3g trick using shield vpn

  • After you have connected internet using any of the above method
  • Goto ShieldVpn and click on connect
  • Wait for few seconds to connected to server
  • That's it you are connected now.
  • Now enjoy free GPRS and 3G airtel browsing in your computer.


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