Monday, 30 January 2012

unlock mts mblaze


Mts mblaze uses the evdo cdma technology for connectivity. they provide their service through a variety of models of modem like mmx 250c, ec220 etc. this trick works for any cdma modem like tata indicom or reliance cdma.
You can unlock your modem easilywith in 5 minutes.
NOTE: Better do it with the help of some one who have technical knowledge on this.
  • Mts disables the ruim facility of the modem . All you need to do is enable the ruim (removable user identity module). this can be done easily by cdma workshop
  • download and install the cdma workshop software from here. kindly remember to disable the antivirus before downloading this .(File 100% virus free No risk)
download cdma workshop from here
  • Go to My Computer >> Properties >> Device Manager >> Ports (COM & LPT)  >> HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM[X]), here X is the port number appear in your system. Note down the com port number in which your huawei e1732 idea net setter is connected.
  • Now OpenCDMA Workshop v2.7.0.exe“.

  • Under the “Main” tab Select Port number(“COM Settings (AT mode)”) which you have get in step 3 and click on Connect button.
  • Click on Read button.
  • Go to “Security” tab > Type “000000” in the blank box under SPC. Click on SPC button >> Send button with Default (nv_read) as SPC

  • it will show spc accepted. if this message doesnt appear unlocking will be very hard
  • now select the “other” tab and in the ruim select  ruim if availabe or to ruim only and click on the send button. this makes your non ruim mts modem to ruim
  • thats it you have successfully unlocked your mts modem
  • if you select ruim only then the default mts service will not work
  • if you select ruim if available then you can use mts without the sim and other services when you insert the sim into the mts modem
if you have any trouble other than the wrong spc code please comment here. if your spc was wrong you can try to read spc code using the option in the cdma workshop. this feature is available in some models only. hope you will enjoy


AAAA said...


Bhupendra kumar said...

Unlocking of modem is now become a business and its retailers charges extra amount for unlocking it.MTS is the first choice just due to its speed and cheap 3G plans.If anyone wants to do mts data card recharge,he or she can do it online easily.

Sameer Sharma said...

I have done what have u said but when I put airtel sim in it. Mblaze doesn't connect to internet. What to do... Pls help me

Shreeji Infotech said...

in Mblaze you can insert only CDMA network, Airtel is working on GSM network, Use tata, reliance, virgine or any other CDMA

Prathap A said...

Hi, Guys i have unlocked my mts data card successfully but i dont know how to connect it when i insert idea sim it shows nothing pls guide me how to move futher after inserting a cdma sim.

Veekkas Dwivedi said...

How to reset unlocked mblaze again to use mts... can we do the same with cdma workshop

dmelant said...
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Aswinkanth hari said...

Can i use the same method to unlock MTS EC 315?? If so How can I insert other sims. Pls help

RAHUL said...

I have MTS MBLAZE data card, unlocked it through Infinity CDMA tool, it unlocked succesfully. I pasted a sim socket also on it, but when I inserted sim card, it showing no network... Please help me how can I repair network section..

Vikash Khandelwal said...

spc doesnt exit in my cdma workshop what to do?

chandru said...

Hi... i am using MTS Blaze and its been 4 months Dongle was inactive. Now i need to use any GSM sim in that, tried above mentioned method. I am getting in stuck in second Screen when i mention port number i am able to Connect the device but When i click on Read it says "Failed...Phone does not answer" at the bottom left corner. Could you please guide me on this friends

Aadi said...

Its very interesting post, good job.

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Kiran Gosavi said...

I am using mblaze model no -AC2787. I facing problem with spc. I did with default with 000000. Bt its showing failure can u plz provide me solution for this.

rohit kumar said...

Please share if you done

rohit kumar said...

Please share if you done

rohit kumar said...

Please share if you done

Habibur Rahman said...

I have no words for this great post such a awe-some information i got gathered. Thanks to Author.
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Hemant Kumar said...

is here anyone unlocked his data card i i did all step successfully but not able to use net

Anmol Singh said...

hi sir i am from west bengal i am mts user please tell me about your MTS Mblaze Prepaid Data Plans and also provide details of good offers.

Anonymous said...

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Anmol Singh said...

hi sir i am from delhi my network is very poor. So sort out my MTS network problem.

Soni Hari said...


I am using MTS MBlaze, as RCOM has undertaken it I am unable to use it in my Laptop. It allows me to use only foir Mobile. H was using for my laptop too. How do I port it to other operators such as Airtel.

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